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Monday & Wednesday

Sparring & Technique

Invitation Only
Time TDB
Classes start promptly at 6PM please be ready to start class at this time. Some students show up early for questions that need to be answered, help with a specific drill, principle, or doing warm-ups.

What to Bring.

Everyone should bring...

  • Training Clothes & Shoes
  • MMA Gloves or Light-weight Gloves
  • Towl & Water Bottle!

Intermediate and Advanced students will need...

  • Boxing Gloves & Leg Pads
  • Mouth Guard & Head Gear
  • Groin & Chest Protection
Eat a proper meal and get yourself well-hydrated at least an hour before class so that you have enough energy for training. Wear loose-fitting exercise clothing, sweat pants or shorts and a t-shirt is appropriate NO LOGO’S. Be prepared to sweat. We train in shoes – no cross training treads or street shoes please.

Please be respectful and check yourself for appropriate hygiene before arriving, as you will be working with others in a close quarters.

Want to Join In?

Please fill out our contact form in advance. Plan on your first class being on a Monday. You will get more out of that week's lesson and it is less disruptive to current students. Thank you.

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