Learning to fight is easy
however, conquering
your fear is difficult.
“Our mission is to teach
Master Duncan Leung's
method of Wing Chun.”

While Wing Chun offers practitioners practical combat skills, the true essence of the style is to develop your character, discipline and dedication to stand confident in all situations. It teaches you you how to accept, analyze and understand other ideas and philosophies. We must always expect our opponent to have advantages over us, such as size, speed, and power. By Using the practical and effective method of Wing Chun we can overcome the adversary.

One Style of martial arts in not better than another. The important thing is to gain the skill and proficiency of the style. How you apply what you have learned and how you adapt the style to fit you.

A Letter from Master Duncan
Hitting the opponent is easy,
but learning to hit without
exchanging blows is hard.
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